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    The Lagoon at Night

    A spectacular sunset and after-dark paddle in clear-bottom kayaks with underwater lights!

    Using double kayaks with see-through floors and specially designed light arrays attached to the underside, we paddle through Hans Creek lagoon, leaving shore just as the sun sets and returning from the lagoon shallows after dark.The double kayaks have a perspex floor and with the specially designed u/w LEDs, we’re seeing the undersea world in a whole different light!

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    Enjoying the pristine waters of Hans Creek after dark is something special. Not only do we see much of the same amazing marine life that we do in the day time, but also a completely different nocturnal activities that would normally remain secret. Feeding fish, glowing algae, bigger fish that come in from deeper water to hunt … and there’s always the thrill of the unknown!

    This tour is a truly unique way to see behind the curtain of underwater nightlife and is an absolute must-do for nature lovers or anyone who wants an amazing, safe, fantastic aquatic thrill.

    Total time: 2hrs approx.

    Price per person: $85